Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Acne treatment during pregnancy

Acne is a common skin disorder that affects people of all ages & gender. Acne in pregnancy is a common concern for pregnant ladies. Several causes contribute towards development of acne in the work of pregnancy, & the major cause is hormonal changes & imbalances. Acne during pregnancy is solely attributed with hormonal changes. Hormonal changes are more common & inescapable in the work of pregnancy period & it is found to be unusual in the work of the first & third trimester period due to growth of foetus.
Pregnancy related acne can occur even for ladies who had a flawless skin with no traces of acne before pregnancy & it can get worsen with earlier history or presence of acne. Acne in the work of pregnancy is chiefly caused due to factors namely progesterone hormones & changes in hydration.
Progesterone is an androgenic hormone & this hormone is responsible for impaling the healthy ovum. The male hormone produces more oil by stimulating the oil glands, leading towards development of acne or worsening the acne.
Hydration is the second major reason for developing acne. Pregnant ladies are usually advised to drink more water for regulating the hormones & lack of liquid intake result towards undiluted hormones which causes acne. Moreover, drinking more water contributes towards nice growth of foetus & relaxed uterus.
In maximum cases, pregnant ladies are affected by cystic acne with pustules & blackheads. Before undergoing any kind of treatment for acne, consulting with a physician is very important as normally prescribed acne medications, creams & over the counter drugs can worsen the condition & affect the health of sister as well the infant. The nice thing is, ladies who had no history of acne & clear skin before pregnancy can obviously get back the normal skin after delivering the infant.
Usually, acne is treated by a physician by prescription of drugs like Retin-A, Accutane & Tetracycline. Further, birth control pills are also recommended in few cases. However, these medicines ought to not be used to treat acne by pregnant ladies & ladies who are looking for pregnancy.
In lieu of choosing oral medications & drugs, pregnant ladies can pick for herbal moisturizer, cleanser, etc for treating acne in the work of pregnancy. Benzyl Peroxide is nice in treating the cystic acne & is also safe for pregnant ladies.

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