Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Acne treatment during pregnancy

Acne is a common skin disorder that affects people of all ages & gender. Acne in pregnancy is a common concern for pregnant ladies. Several causes contribute towards development of acne in the work of pregnancy, & the major cause is hormonal changes & imbalances. Acne during pregnancy is solely attributed with hormonal changes. Hormonal changes are more common & inescapable in the work of pregnancy period & it is found to be unusual in the work of the first & third trimester period due to growth of foetus.
Pregnancy related acne can occur even for ladies who had a flawless skin with no traces of acne before pregnancy & it can get worsen with earlier history or presence of acne. Acne in the work of pregnancy is chiefly caused due to factors namely progesterone hormones & changes in hydration.
Progesterone is an androgenic hormone & this hormone is responsible for impaling the healthy ovum. The male hormone produces more oil by stimulating the oil glands, leading towards development of acne or worsening the acne.
Hydration is the second major reason for developing acne. Pregnant ladies are usually advised to drink more water for regulating the hormones & lack of liquid intake result towards undiluted hormones which causes acne. Moreover, drinking more water contributes towards nice growth of foetus & relaxed uterus.
In maximum cases, pregnant ladies are affected by cystic acne with pustules & blackheads. Before undergoing any kind of treatment for acne, consulting with a physician is very important as normally prescribed acne medications, creams & over the counter drugs can worsen the condition & affect the health of sister as well the infant. The nice thing is, ladies who had no history of acne & clear skin before pregnancy can obviously get back the normal skin after delivering the infant.
Usually, acne is treated by a physician by prescription of drugs like Retin-A, Accutane & Tetracycline. Further, birth control pills are also recommended in few cases. However, these medicines ought to not be used to treat acne by pregnant ladies & ladies who are looking for pregnancy.
In lieu of choosing oral medications & drugs, pregnant ladies can pick for herbal moisturizer, cleanser, etc for treating acne in the work of pregnancy. Benzyl Peroxide is nice in treating the cystic acne & is also safe for pregnant ladies.

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Monday, 12 September 2011

Natural remedies for cystic acne scars

People suffering from cystic acne have to suffer the distress of acne and also the side effects of the scars left behind by acne. Acne scars are more prominent if a person is suffering from cystic acne. Along with looking for a cure for cystic acne people are always looking out for an effective cure for cystic acne scars. It is a proven fact that natural remedies are more effective and beneficial than other acne medications or drugs. These simple home cures contain anti inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities and are basically obtainable in every kitchen. So in the event you are looking for some effective cure for cystic acne scars this is the right place for you.

Home cures for cystic acne scars
The best part of natural cures for cystic acne scars is that they don't have any side effects, and leave the skin even with a natural glow. Let’s look at some of these natural acne scar treatment options.

Aloe Vera:-When it comes to treating and healing the acne scars, Aloe Vera is the effective product to be thought about. It's rich anti-inflammatory and healing properties, which effective reduces the inflammation of the skin. Further, the healing properties treat the scars with no blemishes on skin. Moreover, it is as well as a great moisturizing agent which moisturizers the skin and keep it chilled, which reduces the irritation or burning. Cucumber also acts as moisturiser and keeps the skin chilled.

Lemon juice can be directly applied on the face and the affected spots. Further, lemon is not recommended for people with oily skin.

Garlic is of the great ingredients with great medicinal values. Acne scars can be cured by eating the garlic or by rubbing the garlic on face.

Tomato is rich in antioxidants. Tomato slices can be applied on the face over the scars or tomato paste may even be applied on the face.

Olive oil acts as moisturizer and helps the acne scars to fade away over a period on regular usage.
Fenugreek can be taken with water to cure the scars. You can boil a cup of water with or tablespoons of fenugreek. You will notice the results quickly.

Cystic Acne scars are no more a troublesome skin issue, which can be cured by following the said mentioned effective and cheap homemade treatment for cystic acne scars.

Home remedies for cystic acne scars

Tips to treat acne

Acne can be painful and problematic at the same time. Teenagers are prone to acne due to the hormonal changes that they undergo. There are various acne treatment methods available in the market today that can help you overcome your acne problems. Lets take a look at a few of these acne treatment methods here.
Acne can be a very distressing condition that cannot just cause you pain , but a lot of embarrassment. However acne is not a very serious condition and can be treated, however treating acne can be a long drawn out process. Let’s look at some acne treatment techniques and methods:
Sulphur preparations were considered to be the best way to treat acne in the older times. These days such preparations are considered to be extremely severe, in fact acne comes back even more severely after the sulphur acne treatments. With the search for newer and better acne treatments, people have begun shifting to safer options such as Benzoyl, Salicylic acid and peroxide. These really help a lot to remove obstruction causing acne and also have benefits of long term that can be joined with the way these acne treatments are prepared. To get the right kind of results you need to combine the right amounts of Salicylic acid, Glycolic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide which will yield the right results.
In the beginning of these infestations of acne, most dermatologists will surely advise some prevention measures that you can use. This will stop the acne from reoccurring. Either way you need to know your skin type before you can actually begin your acne treatment. There is always fear of recurrence of acne which can be pretty bad. Serious infestations of acne can be a bad sign for most treatment methods. You need to keep your skin clean, especially if you have oily skin and you need to maintain high standards of hygiene. You must completely avoid fried food that will bring more acne or even disrupt the acne treatment that you are undergoing. The connection between milk products and other fatty products and acne is still to be established.
Cleansing the skin is the best way to avoid acne. You must avail of a good quality face wash that is akin to the type of skin that you have. Mostly a dermatologist should be able to determine for you about the kind of skin that you have. Secondly you must also try to use good deep cleansing milk that will remove impurities from your skin at the end of the day. Acne treatments are most beneficial when supported by all these elements. Astringents are not advisable at this stage since they also happen to remove essential oil of the skin leaving it bare and unprotected. Astringents cause the pores of your skin to close because of which they may be the cause for acne rather than avoid them.
There are also many home remedies for acne which may be useful at any stage of acne. Home remedies for acne are basically a combination of some exotic vegetables and fruits. These you can use as a building agent that will bring about the best in the skin that you have. The vegetables that will come handy for you are potatoes, vinegar, lime, juices of citrus fruits and garlic. These domestic therapies are very effective to control acne in many of the areas. They have been proved successful in many countries and among the age groups of 19-90. Even Aloe Vera gels are quite a success when it comes to acne treatment.
My healthcare zone tips to treat acne

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Home remedies for hormonal acne

Hormonal acne like any other acne can be a painful condition that causes much stress and anxiety. While other acne conditions can be caused by various causes, the prime cause for hormonal acne is an imbalance in the hormones. This hormonal imbalance can be caused due to puberty, pregnancy or menstruation. Due to the nature of this acne condition, hormonal acne is mostly seen in teenagers, women who are menstruating or women who are pregnant. While there are many medications that are available for treating hormonal acne, it is very important that you choose a medication option that is free of any side effects and 100% safe. This is where natural remedies come into play. Natural remedies for acne are not only effective but do not have any harmful side effects that other medications have. Women who are pregnant should avoid medication to combat pregnancy related acne and should only use natural or home remedies for treating acne.
So what are these natural or home remedies for hormonal acne that we are talking about? Home remedies for hormonal acne are made up of ingredients that are readily available in your kitchen. These ingredients consist or herbs, fruits or vegetables and can be made into a paste to apply to the skin or can be eaten. Natural remedies have proven to be very effective in fighting acne. Let’s look at some simple home remedies for hormonal acne here.

1.      Garlic:  garlic is a well known medicinal herb and garlic contains active sulfur and is found to be very effective as a home treatment for hormonal acne. 

2.      Fenugreek: Fenugreek has antioxidant properties that help in controlling and curing acne. 

3.      Lemon juice: lemon juice is widely used as a effective acne treatment and is known to be a very effective antioxidant

4.      Neem leaves:  neem leaves have a very vital role in ayurveda, neem has been used for ages as a very effective antioxidant and a cure against bacterial infections. Neem leaves are very effective in fighting acne.

5.     Sandalwood powder: Sandalwood powder is a very common ingredient in many natural based cosmetic products. Sandalwood not only helps fight acne but also helps give you smooth and glowing skin. 

You can use these natural remedies to treat a hormonal acne breakout effectively.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

How to treat acne scars

Acne is a skin problem that is very common and seems to effects a lot of people, acne brings about the problems of ugly warts and bumps on ones skin, but whats even more alarming and distressing is the fact that acne also leaves ugly scars that at times can be permanent.
Acne scars are caused when the acne goes away but leaves behind a visible spot or scar that is darker the rest of the skin. Acne scars occur when at times we try to squeeze the acne bump or wart. However there are  known ways for treating these ugly acne scars. One way to treat acne scars is to have expensive laser treatment done, this laser treatment helps remove the acne scars but can burn a hole in your pocket.

You can also try using some home remedies for acne scar treatment some of these acne scar treatment include using, lavender oil , this can be applied on the scars, you can also mix lavender oil with almond oil before you sleep at night.

you can try using neem, the neem leaves have great medicinal values and have been used for ages in ayurvedic treatment. neem leaves can be boiled with water or be dried powdered and mixed with water to create a poultice to apply on the scars.

dandelion roots are also said to help treat acne scars. you can use these simple natural acne scar treatment options to treat the ugly acne scars and have glowing skin.
Homemade acne scar treatment

Home remedies for acne

Acne is on of the most troublesome and yet most common of skin problems that we face, acne is not just limited to women, but we see that men too are affected by acne. Acne seems to affect teenagers, pregnant women more often. While there are many over the counter medications and wonder drugs that you can use to treat acne, we fail to notice or over look the harmful side effect that these medications can have on our health and skin. While these medications and drugs may show positive signs that are harmful in the long run.

If you want to fight acne , and want to ensure that your skin is not affected i would suggest that you try out some of the natural acne treatments or home made acne treatments. Home made acne treatments comprise of ingredients that are readily available at home. Natural acne treatments include using baking soda and sea salt mixture, however one must restrict this treatment option to twice a week, you can also use lemon juice, mango or orange paste, honey and aspirin, hot water etc to treat acne at home. these natural remedies are not just safe but have proven to be very effective. You can also try using apple cider vinegar, cabbage poultice etc.
These homemade acne treatments not just help you with curing acne but also help bring a natural glow to your skin.
Home made cystic acne remedies